Greetings, traveller.
My name is Cara, I'm twenty-four years old and I live in a concrete hole of a city (not by choice) in the deepest darkest West Midlands, UK. There are three things in life that primarily pique my interest, and they are the cute, the girly and the pretty damn creepy.

While Glacial Glow is a style blog in which you will find my outfit posts and fashion inspiration, it's also a place that's dedicated to anything I often ramble about (beauty, music, film, art, literature, cookery, crafting, places I love to hang out at & new discoveries, mental health experiences & awareness, yadda yadda). If any of that sounds remotely interesting to you, then stick around! If not, well, you know where the door is... *points*.

Thanks for reading!

P.S.- All of my contact details can be found on my contact page (though you probably figured that one out for yourself).